Focussed Sound In Sonic Space

Golfveldsynthese (Wave Field Synthesis) is de eerste geluidsweergavetechniek waarmee geluid daadwerkelijk - dat wil zeggen natuurkundig in plaats van psychoakoestisch - ruimtelijk wordt verspreid.


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Dance & Sonic Movement
zaterdag, augustus 31, 2013
16:15 -
Korte Voorhout 20
Den Haag
Andere informatie
This is a work for Dance and Sonic Movement within a 10x10m space surrounded by 192 speakers controlled by a Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) technology. WFS technology allows sound to be moved and placed around a diffusion area: the idea is to create a dance piece where Dance is proposed as a visual and physical counterpart to Music and its movement in a joint choreography. Dancers and audience will be placed within the sound projection space to experience a work of unusual visual and acoustic perspectives. This WFS system is available courtesy of The Game of Life Foundation.

Choreographer: Jalianne Li

Composer: Tommaso Perego

Arno Scheper

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