Focusses Sound In Sonic Space

Wave Field Synthesis is the first sound reproduction technique that enables sound to be truly - that is physical instead of psycho acoustic - distributed spatially.


Bilzen, Belgisch Limburg – 30-06-19 – Alba Nova – België – Alba Nova Festival

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 25-05-19 – Mooof – Nederland – WFS Festival

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Brugge – 23-02-19 – Concertgebouw Brugge – België – SLOW festival

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 30-11-18 – Mooof – Nederland – HKU Presentatie

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27-09-18 – New York Convention Center – Yamaha System Designer Conference

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 19-05-18 – Mooof – Nederland – WFS Festival 2018

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 14-07-17 – Mooof – Nederland – WFS + HKU

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 03-06-17 – Mooof – Nederland – WFS Festival day 2

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Den Haag, Zuid holland – 02-06-17 – Mooof – Nederland – WFS Festival Day 1

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Agenda, Game Of Life

WFS Festival Schedule

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WFS Festival 2017 celebrates the art of composing for the Wavefield Synthesis (WFS) system of the Game of Life( It will feature listening sessions for new WFS works, meet-the-composers discussion sessions, plus two educational sessions. These concerts will be very spatial, very special!

This year’s WFS Festival will be held on 2-3 Jun 2017 (Fr-Sa) at one of the larger rooms in MOOOF, the building where the WFS system from the Game of Life Foundation now resides. MOOOF is a labyrinthine building; we will be making a rough map for the way to the concert venue.

2 Jun (F)
19:00 Doors open
19:30 First Concert :Pieces by
Lucie Nezri (Lucie Dmter), Chris Vermeulen, Ji Youn Kang, Seth Zahn (Seht Zhan), Erik Nyström
21:10 Discussion on the first concert

22:00 Mini Concert
3 Jun (Sa)
13:00 First Lecture by Erwin Roebroeks on ‘the Game of Life and the WFS system’

14:15 Second Concert -Pieces by
Cindy Giron, Joel Thurman, Babis Giannakopoulos, Sandra Manuela Lanuza Bardají, Casper Schipper
16:00 Discussion on the second concert
17:00 Second Lecture by Wouter Snoei on ‘WFSCollider in Depth’

19:00 Doors open
19:30 Third Concert -Pieces by
Gal Frenkel (Frenkel Gul), Omer Eilam, Adam Bonser, Timothy Tan, Siamak Anvari
21:10 Discussion on the third concert

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